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Moving from Toronto to Vancouver: Benefits, Cost & How To

Canada is one of the most beautiful places to live in. It has the perfect mix of scenic attractions, pleasant climate, sophisticated neighbourhoods, entertainment, amenities, education system, and security ideal for singles, couples, youths, and senior folks alike. It is highly unlikely that you will regret settling in any Canadian town. However, each city has its unique attractions.

Moving from Toronto to Vancouver


Moving from Toronto to Vancouver will present a few changes. Nonetheless, these two cities depict a nearly similar lifestyle, and you won't miss a lot from your old neighbourhood. Instead, many benefits await you in the coastal seaport city. If you were attached to the lake in Ontario, Vancouver offers an ocean, which means long beaches, reefs and exquisite sceneries.

There are several other things you can enjoy in Vancouver, which is ranked the best livable place in the British Columbia region. However, it is essential to plan ahead and make sure your relocation is smooth. Whether you are moving because of work or simply want to make a change, learning the good and bad will help you find reputable towns and neighbourhoods.

Benefits of moving from Toronto to Vancouver

Toronto and Vancouver metropolitan cities strong share a variety of similar characteristics. They offer a 24/7 economy with an active nightlife, picturesque destinations, beaches and delicious cuisines. Making a move from Toronto to Vancouver or vice versa can be an overwhelming decision, especially if it is not inspired by work or business. However, if you are planning to move to Vancouver, you will be able to enjoy various benefits, including:

Rich seafood cuisine

Vancouver is infamous for its fresh seafood. The local salmon, halibut, BC spot prawns and Canadian sablefish are fresh, delicious and very nutritious. You can enjoy salmon candy or curry and sushi. Chinese, Japanese and indigenous cuisines are quite popular in the region. Vancouver is also known for its creamy aromatic coffee.

Education System

The Canadian education system is one of the best ranked in the world. However, in Canada, Vancouver offers the highest standards of education and boasts reputable institutions in the British Columbia region. If finding a good school for your kids is among your priorities, a move to Vancouver allows you to accomplish this goal effortlessly. The city also has people of different origins. This breaks the homogeneity depicted in other remote Canadian towns and makes Vancouver one of the top cities to raise your family in Canada.

Job opportunities

Vancouver boasts several factories and major brand headquarters, which offer numerous job opportunities. You can also start your business and carve a solid niche within the large, diverse population. Finding a job is effortless with the right qualification. This is why many immigrants settle in Vancouver as they are somewhat guaranteed of better job opportunities.


Vancouver is a sophisticated city, so it is only natural for it to have a bustling nightlife. Many bars, restaurants and hotels run 24/7, and there are several events taking place. Finding fun activities should not be a problem, especially during summer. The winters tend to be mild, but not as extreme as Toronto. You can still enjoy skiing and after-event parties. Whether you want some kinky experiences in Davie Street or seek the celebrity luxuries of Yaletown, there are numerous hangouts to have a good time.

Shopping and amenities

As a major city in Canada, Vancouver has everything you need. There are several malls, storefront, shopping centres and hangouts. You can also find professional services for anything you need. Amenities like hospitals, banks, workshops, transit terminals are also close by. The public transport system also allows you to access the major facilities with ease. Vancouver fits any budget and is no different from Toronto in terms of shopping and amenities. From fitness centres to indoor pools, golf courses and skateboard parks, this city houses all the essential amenities you can expect from a sophisticated nation.

Clean city

If there is one thing that Vancouver is known for, it is their environmental policy. Vancouver is among the cleanest cities in the world. The weather is also perfect as you get to enjoy sunny summers and winter sports all in the same year. If you are looking for a modern metropolitan neighbourhood with an active nightlife and vibrant cultures, you can never go wrong with Vancouver.

Cost of living

Concerning the cost of living, Vancouver is slightly more expensive than Toronto. Rent for one-bedroom apartments averages from $1,900 to $3,500. The prices are higher in the downtown core. Although rent will be your most significant expense, you can still find affordable places to live .

You can decide to rent a house or purchase property, depending on your financial situation. Buying will require a healthy bank account with the price of one-bedroom apartments starting at $600,000. Standalone homes begin at $1.6 million. Like with most long-distance relocations, it is recommendable to plan and make sure everything is in order before moving.

Cost of moving from Toronto to Vancouver

Moving from Toronto to Vancouver can cost up to $5,000 or more depending on your unique moving characteristics. This includes actual distance, load to be moved, season and additional crew, extra services such as packaging, warehousing and number of special/delicate items, among others. Your unique moving characteristics will determine how much you end up paying. The best way to calculate your cost is to request a full quote by calling our customer desk. You can also fill our InstaQuote above to get a close estimate depending on your unique needs.

Best places to live in Vancouver

Vancouver has a population of 600,000+ and boasts some of the best neighbourhoods in British Columbia. West End is the easygoing neighbourhood in Vancouver with close ties to the LGBT communities and access to a thriving nightlife. Main, on the other hand, ranks as the top hidden gem neighbourhoods. For affordability and housing inventory, Mount Pleasant and Downtown (Vancouver West) offer the best options. If you are an enthusiast with love for shorelines and mountain views, choose Kitsilano. Yaletown, Coal Harbour and Gastown also offer sophisticated neighbourhoods perfect for building your life and raising a family.

How to move from Toronto to Vancouver

Making a long-distance move from Toronto to Vancouver can be a daunting process, especially without a professional moving company. The two cities are over 4,300 kilometres apart and involve navigating busy highways and populated towns. It takes experienced moving companies to plan and facilitate your relocation adequately.

Allied has been providing high-quality streamlined moving service for both short and long-distance trips. We have over 88 years of experience and thrive in providing personalised moving services across cities in Canada and the US. Our goal is to ensure all your belongings (entrusted to our care) arrive at your new destination in the same condition we received it.

Whether you seek temporary warehousing or emergency moving services, we can help you move from any place in Toronto to your new residence in Vancouver. We offer residential and corporate moving services, including office relocations. We have moved over 55,000 clients over the last 15 years and boast a 96% satisfaction rate from our clients.

Moving from Toronto to Vancouver can present new opportunities and provide the excitement you need in life. It is, therefore, essential that you choose a credible, reputable moving company that can guarantee safety, convenience, quality service and affordability. Allied is an insured moving company licensed to provide both local and international moving services in Canada. We offer 24/7 customer support and on-road assistance to ensure your relocation is according to plan.