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Moving Tips

Allied's moving tips will assist you with all aspects of your upcoming move. Our guides and tips are designed to help you in organizing and preparing for your move to make the experience more enjoyable. From tips for setting up a garage sale to moving your wine, Allied provides you with the information you need for an easier move.

We divided all of our move tips into sections to make it easier for you to find the specific information you are looking for. With more than 80 years of experience in the moving industry, Allied knows what goes into a move, and we devised these moving tips to assist you throughout every state of your move. Streamline your move by being better prepared for what's ahead with Allied's moving tips.

Moving Tips for a Hassle-Free Move

How can you simplify your move, making it more stress-free? Get organized and be prepared for what is in store. By using our moving tips, you can be well-equipped and organized for the different phases of your move. Allied has put all of our industry-expert moving tips in one convenient place to help make your relocation better. We know what works during a move, and what does not. Utilize our tips and tools to ensure your upcoming move can be as easy and hassle-free of possible. You don't have to be a professional mover to benefit from decades of experience and the knowledge that comes with it. All of Allied's expertise is at your fingertips with our moving tips.

Moving Tips for Your Best Move Yet

Use our moving tips to plan, organize and prepare for your move. Whether you're looking for advice to ease the stress of moving on your kids or searching for the best way to pack and transport your wine cellar, Allied has the suggestions and advice to help you with many aspects of your relocation. Read through our moving tips and experience an easier move.


Common Moving Scams

Don't be the next victim of a discreditable mover. Educate yourself on the right way to choose a mover in your area.


Garage Sale Tips

Allied has created a garage sale tutorial to help you plan an execute a successful garage sale. To make sure a garage sale is something you can handle, ask yourself the following questions:

Moving Kids

Moving With Children

Moving with children can be one of the most difficult aspects of relocating your life. Children are sensitive to moves, especially when leaving the surroundings, school and friends they know and are used to.


Moving With Pets

Moving with pets can be a stressful thought. However, it need not be. Use Allied's tips to ease the stress of moving on your pets to encourage a happy, healthy move for your pets as well as you.


Moving Your Wine

Moving your wine is an important consideration, for any collector, sommelier or casual drinker alike. There is a specific way wine should be transported in order to protect the wine, prevent an breakage and cause as little stress to the bottles as possible.


Packing Supplies Calculator

At Allied, we are determined to provide you with the proper tools to make your transition from one home to another as smooth as possible. Because the moving process can be complicated, we have created a calculator that uses numerous factors to determine what and how many materials you will need during your move.


Packing Guide

Use Allied's packing guide to simplify and streamline the tremendous task of packing up your belongings. Packing is one of the most important considerations when you move,

packing appliacne

Moving Tips: Moving Appliances

When moving appliances to your new destination, it's imperative that they are disconnected properly and prepared for transport. Your professional moving company should be able to provide you with services for moving appliances, but the following are some tasks you can complete to expedite the process and prepare these items for transport.


Moving Tips: Non-Transportable Items

You must know which items are non-transportable during a move. Non-transportable items can include anything from hazardous chemicals to jewelry and important documents. Irreplaceable items such as family photos are also non-transportable.

Shaking hands

The Best Moving Companies Don't Do These Things

If you’re planning a move, it’s likely you’ll want to hire movers to assist you. But in a world where so many moving companies exist, how do you separate the best from the worst?

Corp Relo - professional services

Corporate Relocation Tips From HR Directors

If you are moving to a different city or province for a new job or transferring to a new location with your current company, it’s possible your organization will foot the bill for your relocation.

What to Know on a Move

Moving Cross Country Can Be Smooth If You Do These 5 Things

A cross-country move can be daunting – but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, moving cross country can be relatively stress-free if you’re prepared.

How to Keep Your Moving Costs to a Minimum

If the thought of moving to a new home causes you to break out in a cold sweat, you aren’t alone. Besides the ever-expanding to-do list, one of the biggest causes for moving-related stress is the finances involved.


Tips for Moving Abroad: Moving Overseas with Relative Ease

Moving abroad is on many people’s bucket lists – and you get to check it off yours! It’s an exciting time, but maybe you’re feeling apprehensive at the thought of everything you need to do beforehand.