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Moving With Pets

Moving with pets can be a stressful thought. However, it need not be. Use Allied's tips to ease the stress of moving on your pets to encourage a happy, healthy move for your pets as well as you.

Before moving with pets, you should do a few things first. You should bring your pets to the veterinarian for a checkup before beginning the move to ensure they are healthy enough for the move. Since the move can be stressful on pets, it's important to check their health and follow the moving with pets tips to ease this stress. Read some of our moving with pets tips below:

Pet Moving Tips: Auto Travel

  • Before leaving, take your pets to the vet to get their health checked. While there, get copies of their vet records, update their tags and discuss any needs for tranquilizers for the trip.
  • If your pet is not used to traveling in a car, acclimate your pet to car travel by taking it on short trips before the longer drive involved with your move.
  • Avoid feeding your pet for 7 hours prior to the move. Be sure to bring a container of cool, fresh water and stop frequently for short walks.
  • Are you staying at a hotel at any point during the move? Be sure the hotel accommodates pets.
  • Don't ever leave your pet unattended in the car.
  • Travel with small pets such as hamsters and birds in their crates, but be sure the crates are stable and in a well-ventilated area in the car. Covering the cage may also help to calm the animal during the trip.

Pet Moving Tips: Air Travel

Taking a plane to your new destination? Contact your airline well in advance to be sure you the airline can accommodate your pet. Other tips to consider include:

  • Try to get a direct flight to minimize the amount of time the pet will be confined on the plane. Select a portable air-transport kennel that's big enough for your pet to stand , turn and move in.
  • Help your pet get accustomed to the kennel prior to the trip.
  • Mark your pet's kennel with "Live Animal," your pet's name, your new address and a phone number at which you can be contacted. Don't forget to include any special handling instructions for your pet.
  • Confirm that your pet has boarded the plane by asking the flight attendant.

Make sure that moving with pets is a stress-free experience, for both you and your pet. Use Allied's pet moving tips for a positive, healthy and happy relocation. The safety and health of your pet is the most important consideration during a move, so be sure to do everything in your power prior to and during the move to ensure this happens.

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