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Packing Tips

Use Allied's packing tips to assist you throughout a do-it-yourself packing experience. With quality packing materials and some of Allied's packing expertise, you can pack your entire home as if the professionals would. You can benefit from a safer move by utilizing Allied's packing tips and our suggestions for organizing your household goods during the packing process.


DIY Packing Tips

It is our hope that with these tips, you can pack your home in the most organized and efficient way possible. At Allied, we believe that your belongs should be handled with care no matter who is responsible for packing them. We complied these tips after more than 85 years of experience as expert packers, but they are even helpful if you choose to do it yourself.


Packing Tips: Bedroom / Bathroom

Use Allied's bedroom packing tips to assist you packing any bedroom in the home, from the nursery to the master bedroom. We also include many bathroom packing tips here to ensure you pack your toiletries and bathroom accessories in the safest, most efficient way possible.


Packing Tips: Dining Room

Dining room packing tips from Allied are designed to help you in packing up this room. These tips are important, as the dining room generally contains items like china, crystal and other fragile items that need to be packed securely and properly for transport.

Moving Garage

Packing Tips: Garage & Storage

Packing your garage can seem like a daunting task. Packing the garage can be time consuming and difficult to pack, as these are cluttered spaces typically filled with odd-shaped, heavy or sharp items. Use Allied's garage and storage packing tips to make the entire process more organized and easier to manage. We make it easy to sort through your garage and storage belongings to pack them properly.


Packing Tips: Home Office / Den

Use our home office packing tips to pack those items in your home office or den. When it comes to the packing of your records, sensitive documents, electronics and other computer equipment, it's important to use the proper and most secure packing techniques so that nothing is left behind and everything arrives to your new residence in the same condition in which it left.


Packing Tips: Kitchen / Laundry Room

Using our kitchen packing tips, you can pack your kitchen first when you start preparing your home for the move. The laundry room is an area of the home to be packed a little later in the process. Both the kitchen and laundry can seem impossible to pack, but with our laundry room and kitchen packing tips, this task is a little easier to tackle.


Packing Tips: Living / Family Room

Use our living room packing tips to pack the bigger rooms in your home, such as the family room, great room, etc. We will show you the proper technique for packing items such as lamps, furniture, books, stereo equipment, electronics and the like for their secure transport.