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Moving Checklist

Get organized before your next relocation by creating a moving checklist. By developing a moving checklist, you can help list those things to do before, during and following the move to ensure a stress-free process. With all there is to consider during a relocation, things can easily slip through the cracks and be forgotten. Let Allied further assist you during your move with our moving checklist that we have provided for you.


Moving Timeline Checklist

Allied has created a moving timeline checklist that helps you to plan when certain things should occur during the move. This moving timeline spaces out the things you need to get done, providing you with extra time to accomplish the other things you have to complete when moving. The moving timeline counts down 8 weeks to your actual move day, providing you with a two month window in which to plan your move.


Moving Day Checklist

Allied's moving day checklist outlines what you need to do the actual day of the move. This moving checklist will include to dos including marking boxes for loading, acquiring the necessary paperwork, clearing walkways for easier navigating with cartons and more. These may seem like small tasks, but these little things can add up to unneeded stress on the day of the move. Use our moving day checklist to ensure when that day arrives, things go as smooth as possible.

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Take Note of Allied's Checklist for Moving

Allied has more than 80 years of experience as a moving company . And as such, we are experts when it comes to planning your move and being prepared for the relocation process. Use our moving checklists to ensure the process goes smoothly and none of the little details are forgotten. No one is better than Allied to help you get organized for your move. Start checking off tasks on our moving checklists and make sure your next move is hassle-free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Use Allied's FAQ to help answer any questions you may have during your move process. Our FAQ was designed to answer the most common questions our customers have when moving. From the pre-move planning through the packing process to filing claims, the FAQ is here to help you during your relocation.