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Questions to Ask Cross Country Movers Before You Choose

If you’re preparing to move to a new province, it’s important to choose your cross country movers wisely. It’s a big decision – after all, you want a company you can trust with your belongings! When researching cross country movers, you should compile a list of questions. Here are six such questions that should help you narrow your list of choices.

  • How much do you charge? Most cross country movers charge by a combination of weight and mileage, but every company is different – so ask! Reputable movers will come to your home and give you an in-person estimate when they see the size, amount, and type of belongings you have. Beware of any movers that refuse to give you an in-home estimate.
  • What kind of valuation coverage do you offer? Many customers assume that if a moving company breaks or loses one of their belongings, it’ll be replaced. That is probably true, but the manner of replacement could vary depending on the company and the level of liability coverage you have. Replacement could mean anything from buying a similar item at cost or reimbursing you for the item based on weight alone. Be sure you understand the valuation coverage offered by the movers and buy extra if you need it.
  • What’s your timetable for a move? If you’re going to hire cross country movers, you should understand how they operate. For example, do they give you a two-day window of time when they might come by to pack and transport your belongings, or do they guarantee an exact date?
  • What is your payment schedule? In other words, when is the customer’s payment due to the moving company and how much is required up front? It’s important to note that you should never pay the full amount or even a large deposit up front – that’s how a lot of customers get scammed. Also ask all the cross country movers you interview whether you would be given the chance to check the condition of your belongings (and account for them all) before surrendering the final payment.
  • Do you have any references I can call? Testimonials on a website are a great start, but sometimes it’s nice to talk to a real person. This way, you can ask specific questions about how the company performed in terms of timing, safety, and customer service.


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