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Moving Boxes & Supplies in Canada

Moving boxes are an indispensable part of your relocation. The safe and secure transport of your belongings has much to do with the quality of packing supplies used and how well you packed your goods. Using the incorrect moving boxes can create an unstable environment for your belongings that may cause them to become damaged during the move. Ensure that your belongings are safe by selecting the right moving boxes with Allied's assistance.

Choose the Right Moving Supplies

Allied has the moving boxes to suit your moving needs regardless of the size or distance of your relocation. We have a wide range of moving boxes in various sizes and shapes to ensure you can pack up all the belongings in your home. However, choosing the right types of boxes for your move can be confusing. Don't worry. Allied has created a comprehensive list of the moving boxes available and their purposes to ensure that you choose the right moving boxes for your move.

Moving Boxes in Four Sizes

The four standard sizes of moving boxes are:

  • 2 cu. ft. moving boxes are small, yet sturdy; choose these cartons for books, records or other heavier items.
  • 4 cu. ft. moving boxes are medium sized and can pack belongings such as toys, pots and pans and more average size and weight items.
  • 5 cu. ft. moving boxes are best for lightweight, bigger items such as towels, comforters, bedding, stuffed animals and toys.
  • 6 cu. ft. moving boxes are great for packing linens, pillows and lampshades.

Moving Boxes for Mirrors, Mattresses and More

For your large, fragile items, utilize speciality moving boxes to ensure the safe transport. Mirror cartons are perfect for mirrors, pictures, glass table tops and similar size and shape items. Mattress cartons or bags are designed to pack your mattress and box spring and can be purchased in crib, single, double and queen/king sizes. Wardrobe boxes have a metal bar that runs across the top of the carton so that clothing, draperies, linens and similar items can be hung during transport.

Moving Boxes for the Fragile Items

We have china barrel, or dishpack cartons for the packing of dinnerware, glasses, china and other dishes. These divided cartons separate fragile dishes to ensure they do not hit each other and shatter or crack during transit. China barrel cartons offer more protection for your valuable dishes.

Moving Boxes for Secure Packing

There are moving boxes to pack every item in your home. The different sizes and shapes of moving boxes ensure that you can properly pack up your valuables for their safe transport to your new destination. Allied has all these moving boxes plus other packing supplies to meet all your needs. With Allied's moving boxes and supplies, you don't have to sacrifice quality for cost. Our moving boxes are affordable and durable for the safest move yet.