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Cross Country Moving Companies May Do More than You Think

If you’re moving across the country, you might be overwhelmed by everything there is to do before – and on – moving day. If so, you might want to consider hiring a cross country moving company to assist you with your move. A professional cross country moving company can not only help you by packing, loading/unloading and transporting your belongings, but in several other ways too. For example, cross country moving companies, like Allied Van Lines, are able to assist you in the following ways:

  • Car and boat transit. Do you have a car or boat that you have no way of transporting across the country? Hire a moving company you trust to take your vehicles the long distance. This means you can fly to your new location without worrying about how your vehicles will get there. At Allied, depending on the size of your vehicle, it will either be placed on the moving truck with the rest of your belongings or on another truck.

  • Shuttle services. Is there some sort of obstruction in front of your new home that limits access? If so, a reputable cross country moving company can provide a small truck to transport your belongings between your old home and new home, to and from the moving van.

  • Piano moving. If you have a piano or some other valuable instrument that’s not easy to move, find movers who can do it. You’ll want a cross country moving company that has experience with your kind of piano, the equipment to get the job done and the crew to do it without requiring your assistance.

  • Assembly/disassembly. There are some belongings that are difficult to prepare for moving, including swing sets, waterbeds, grandfather clocks, certain types of furniture and more. You can pay a moving company to disassemble these items for you and reassemble them when you get to your new location.

  • Storage. Although you could rent storage space from a random storage unit near your new home, why not hire a cross country moving company you trust to supply the space instead? Allied can provide both permanent storage and storage-in-transit, which is helpful if your new home won’t be available immediately upon your move.

  • Crating. You may be able to pack your own belongings for your big move, but what do you plan to do with items like artwork, delicate collectibles and electronic equipment? Because these belongings need special treatment, Allied offers custom crating to protect anything fragile and valuable.
The next time you move, consider lightening your load a bit and make it easier on yourself! Hire a cross country moving company like Allied to take some of the burden – or all of it – off your shoulders.