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Packing Tips: Bedroom / Bathroom

Use Allied's bedroom packing tips to assist you packing any bedroom in the home, from the nursery to the master bedroom. We also include many bathroom packing tips here to ensure you pack your toiletries and bathroom accessories in the safest, most efficient way possible.

Packing Tips for the Bedroom

Pack the bedrooms according to the least used bedrooms first, such as the guest rooms. While you're packing the guest rooms, have your children set aside the toys, books or games they want to take with them. You can also enlist them to pack up their rooms in cartons you provide for them. Let them decorate their own cartons with colorful stickers and markers to make the packing process fun.

Bedroom Packing Tips - Clothing

Wash, dry and iron, fold and/or hang all clothing prior to moving. You can hang clothes you don't want to get wrinkled or crumpled in wardrobe boxes, including suits, dresses, blouses, etc. Wardrobe cartons are tall moving boxes that have a metal bar in the top of the carton so that you can hang your clothing, drapes, bedding, etc. One carton will accommodate approximately 2 feet of compressed clothing.

Leave hats in hatboxes and place in larger cartons. Or, if you don't have hatboxes, stuff the crown of each hat with crumpled tissue paper. Wrap the outside of the hat with tissue paper and place in a tissue paper lined carton with the heavier hats placed at the bottom. Don't include anything else in these boxes and label the cartons "Fragile."

Bedroom Packing Tips - Jewelry

Empty all your drawers containing jewelry and set aside from the rest of the items to be packed. You should carry your jewelry with you to guarantee its security throughout the move process. Generally, jewelry is considered a non-transportable item due to its high-value.

Bedroom Packing Tips - Mattresses & Pillows

Use mattress cartons or bags designed specifically for mattresses and box springs. Pack pillows in your dresser drawers or in large cartons.

Bedroom Packing Tips - Clocks & Mirrors

Use special mirror cartons to pack glass mirrors. If your mirrors are exceptionally heavy, we recommend you look into custom crating services. Ask your Personal Relocation Consultant about crating services.

Bedroom Packing Tips - Draperies & Curtains

Use wardrobe cartons to hang curtains and drapes. Fold lengthwise, place over a padded hanger, pin onto the padded hanger and hang in the carton. If you prefer to fold these items, place them in cartons lined with paper or plastic wrap.

Bathroom Packing Tips - Toiletries

Aerosol hairspray, deodorant or other aerosol spray cans should be thrown away, or you must take them with you. Tape other plastic bottles shut and wrap to prevent any leaks. Pack these items in small cartons, but be sure that none of these items are considered non-transportable.

Bedroom and Bathroom Packing Tips - Bedding, Linens & Towels

  • Wash, dry and fold your bedding and linens before packing.
  • Bedding, tablecloths, towels and other linens should be folded and stored in large plastic bags, then packed into cartons lined with paper.

Bedroom and Bathroom Packing Tips - Rugs

  • Roll area rugs and pack them in paper lined containers. Or, you can ask to have your rugs stretch-wrapped for transit.
  • We advise having your area rugs professionally cleaned before your move - you'll get them back from the cleaners wrapped, rolled and ready for shipping.
  • Area rugs should be loaded last and unloaded first so the furniture coming off the truck can go right on the rug.

Bathroom and Bedroom Packing Tips from Allied

Use the above tips to properly and safely pack your bedroom and bathroom. Utilizing these tips when packing the bedrooms in your home will ensure a more efficient, secure packing experience and safer transport of these items to your new residence.