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Packing Tips: Home Office / Den

Use our home office packing tips to pack those items in your home office or den. When it comes to the packing of your records, sensitive documents, electronics and other computer equipment, it's important to use the proper and most secure packing techniques so that nothing is left behind and everything arrives to your new residence in the same condition in which it left.

We break your home office down into sections so that the packing tips are clearer. Pack your home office section by section and see how efficient and organized this daunting process can be.

Home Office Packing Tips from Allied

Most often, the home office is where you keep important paperwork, legal papers and documents. Separate these documents from the rest of the items to be packed and carry these papers on your person during the move. Computers and other electronics in excess of $100 per pound should be listed on your "High-Value Inventory" form so that you can receive the proper valuation protection.

Home Office Packing Tips - Personal Computer, Printer, Scanner or Other Equipment

  • Unplug, disconnect and mark all wires and cables for easy assembly and reconnect
  • Detach paper holders/feeders from printers and wrap monitors and additional hardware as you would other home electronics
  • Remove ink and toner cartridges
  • Back up all of your computer files on DVDs or other file storage disks/devices to ensure no data is lost during the move

Home Office Packing Tips - Books

  • Use small cartons to pack books of the same size together
  • Lay the books flat or with the spine touching the bottom of the carton. Do not pack with the spine facing upward as this can damage the books during transit.
  • High-value or rare books should be individually wrapped before packing in cartons. Mark these cartons.

Home Office Packing Tips - Office Furniture

If you have modular office furniture, disassemble these pieces prior to the move day. Your professional moving company can often assist with this task. Use colored tape to mark where pieces are attached to each other, and keep all screws and hardware together in a plastic bag or coffee can stored in one of the drawers.

Home Office Packing Tips for Secure Moves

Allied's home packing tips will provide you with extra assistance you need when packing your home office. If completed correctly, your home office items will be transported safely and in the most organized fashion possible. When it comes time to unpack in your new residence, the process will be streamlined and efficient due to the way you packed.