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Common Moving Scams

Avoid Being Scammed by a Mover

Choosing the right mover, especially in an industry known for disreputable companies, can seem like an insurmountable task. Don't be the next victim of a discreditable mover. Educate yourself on the right way to choose a mover in your area.

Don't Fall for Common Traps

Don't worry; not every mover is despicable. You can have a stress-free, affordable and comprehensive relocation performed by a professional mover, if you know how to choose the mover appropriately. Check out the tips below for some suggestions on just how to do this:

  1. Insist on an In-Home Estimate: Allied provides free in-home estimates to our customers.
  2. Check the Company's Address: A legitimate mover will have a legitimate address. Get the mover's address, then verify the address via the internet or by actually going to see the physical location.
  3. Ask for Recommendations from Friends, Family and Neighbors: Check with the people you know to see if they have a mover they would recommend. A referred mover is one of the best ways to choose a great company.
  4. Ask your Real Estate Agent: No one is more familiar with movers than a real estate agent. Chances are, he or she will know of a stand up mover in the area.
  5. Get Three Competitive In-Home Estimates: Get three estimates from three different moving companies. If there is a significant difference, that mover may be disreputable.
  6. Get a Price Based on Weight, Not Cubic Feet: This will help guarantee and lock in the estimate they provide you initially.
  7. Check the Mover's Complaint History: If a mover has more than eight complaints on a given complaint website (Better Business Bureau, etc.), the mover might not be the best option for your relocation.

How to Protect Yourself from Moving Scams

Protect yourself from mover scams by following some simple steps. By heeding valuable advice, you can have a happy, hassle-free relocation. Some of the tips to avoiding mover scams include:

  • Don't Fall for a Front Company: Make sure the mover you choose has a valid address and is not some rogue mover or front company.
  • Do Not Give a Deposit: Don't ever give a deposit for your move. Chances are, the mover can take this money and run, and you will never see it again, nor get your move underway.
  • Do NOT Pay Cash: When you pay cash, there is no concrete evidence that a transaction ever took place. This means, the mover can just take your money freely, and you have no proof that you ever paid them in the first place.
  • Make Sure the Truck is Branded: A professional mover will have a branded truck. Don't trust a mover who pulls up to your house in an unmarked van or truck. Look for a legitimate company logo.
  • Do Not Sign a Partial Contract: You would never sign a loan agreement, pre-nup or binding contract of other sorts with blanks; the same rule applies for moving contracts. Make sure the contract is complete and all filled in before signing anything.
  • Do Not Agree to a Skinny Contract: Don't sign a one or two-page document. Make sure your contract is complete, including your inventory list.
  • Buy Extra Insurance: A professional mover will offer different types of valuation protection to ensure you are protected in the event of damage or loss. Buying extra insurance is the only way to completely protect yourself should your belongings get damaged or lost during transit.
  • Ask About the Mover's Claims Policy: Make sure that in the event of damage or loss, the mover has a claims policy in place. You want to make sure the claims process is convenient and easy should you need to file.

You Deserve a Great Moving Experience

You are entitled to a stress-free, successful relocation - all at a fair price. By utilizing our tips and advice, you can ensure that you choose a reputable mover and avoid being scammed or having an awful relocation experience. Save money and get your free moving estimate from Allied today. Contact us today or complete our easy quote form to request your free in-home estimate right now.

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Your move does not need to be a hassle. At Allied, we want you to realize that you can have a professional mover perform your relocation while benefiting from a fair price. Contact Allied today, and allow yourself plenty of time to plan your move. Allied can help you get organized with the rest as your trusted mover.

How to Choose a Reputable Moving Company

Today's economic climate is anything but certain. People are smarter, and more conscious, about where their money is going. Those who are not doing well in this economic downturn are the most likely to become victims of moving scams. They search for the mover with the best price, not knowing that these "too good to be true" movers often are.

Allied has more than 95 years of experience as a professional mover and we know the ins and outs of the industry. Since we have so much experience as a reputable mover, we can provide you with the tools to choose a professional mover. Following are some tried and true ways to choose a mover who will provide an enjoyable move experience for your next relocation:

Begin the search for the perfect mover 8 weeks prior to your move. Should you not have that much time before beginning your move, just try to get the process started as soon as you possibly can.

Ask for references. Check for recommendations from neighbors, friends and family. Sometimes, the people you know can provide the best reference for a great mover.

Make a list of the services you need. Consider all your moving needs before selecting a mover. Should you need specialized services like crating or piano moving, or require storage-in-transit, you want to be sure you work with a company who can accommodate these requests.

Research companies thoroughly. Do diligent research on various companies before selecting the mover that works best for your relocation.

Get multiple in-home estimates. To ensure an enjoyable move, get three or more in-home moving estimates from different companies. All of the estimates should be relatively comparable to each other. If one mover's estimate is far below the others, beware.

These helpful tips will assist you in choosing the best mover for your unique needs. Cheapest does not always mean best. Though working with a mover who offers dirt cheap rates seems like a good idea at first, it can end up costing you so much more in the end.

Once you've started your search for the best mover, here's how you can ensure you're choosing a reputable mover:

  1. The mover's credentials: Make sure the mover is licensed and insured; check its standing with the Better Business Bureau; check to make sure its address is legitimate.
  2. A physical address: Double check the mover's address on the internet, or actually drive by the mover's office to ensure they have a physical location.
  3. Branded trucks and uniformed men: Don't trust a mover that shows up in an unmarked van or truck or crews that are not in uniforms.
  4. Clean complaint history: Very few companies are going to have a perfectly clean history. However, you should be wary of companies with a large number of complaints.
  5. Bill of Lading and Rights and Responsibilities: Make sure you receive a copy of the Bill of Lading and your Rights and Responsibilities. You are entitled to these documents and a copy of your contract during your move, so make sure your mover gives you these documents.

Finding a Reputable Moving Company is Easy

By equipping yourself with the right information and educating yourself on how to avoid mover scams, you can avoid a relocation nightmare. Having a successful move doesn't have to be a dream. An enjoyable relocation can be your reality by knowing how to choose a reputable, professional mover.

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Allied is the mover of choice for every type of relocation. We are committed to providing a successful, stress-free relocation at a fair price for all of our customers. Benefit from a comprehensive move at a cost-effective price with Allied. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home moving estimate, and get your move started off on the right foot. We look forward to performing your upcoming relocation as your mover of choice.