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Moving Your Wine

Moving your wine is an important consideration, for any collector, sommelier or casual drinker alike. There is a specific way wine should be transported in order to protect the wine, prevent an breakage and cause as little stress to the bottles as possible.

Not only is your wine important to you, but it is also a significant investment. Once you have determined the total value of your wine collection, you must make an important decision: Have professional movers transport the wine in their moving trailers, or have the movers transport the wine in a climate-controlled vehicle.

Wine Moving Tips: Getting it There!

When hiring a professional moving company , you can rest assured your wine can be transported safely and efficiently. If moving your wine in the summer or winter months where temperatures can be extremely hot or very cold, you might want to transport your wine in a climate-controlled vehicle. Speak with a professional estimator who comes to your home about your options regarding climate-controlled vehicles.

Wine Moving Tips: Know Your Collection's Value

Have a professional appraiser come to your home and provide you with an estimate of how much your collection of wine is worth. Contact a local fine wine distributor or shop to locate an appraiser. If you have a high-value collection, this is an important step in the wine moving process.

If you have a manageable collection of wine, we suggest transporting the collection in your car. That way, you are in control of the temperature while your wine is in transit.

Wine Moving Tips: Packing

Preparing your wine for transport is one of the most important considerations. A professional moving company will know how to safely and securely pack the bottles. If you are packing yourself, try to purchase wine packing boxes that are used to transport the bottles by the case or on a commercial airline. These corrugated cardboard or styrofoam boxes hold and protect the boxes well. Again, check with a local wine distributor or shop to purchase these types of cartons in your area.

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*Remember: Pack the wine on its side, as it would be stored in your home.

Even if you have used exceptional care when packing and transporting your wine, bottle shock can still occur. When being moved, the wine can shake within the bottle. If opened too soon, a loss of flavor or quality can result. Allow all transported bottles to rest for at least 7 days after the move before you open them.

Use Allied's wine moving tips to safely and securely transport your wine collection to your new home. Whether you are moving your wine by yourself or hiring a professional moving company to transport your wine, be sure you approach the task with caution. You want to preserve the quality and sanctity of your wine, so utilize the previous wine moving tips to be sure your wine arrives in your new location in perfect drinking condition.

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