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Moving Education and Resources

We want to provide you with all the moving resources possible to make your move easier and smoother. Allied has developed many moving resources to assist our customers throughout all stages of the moving process. We created these moving resources to help educate you and keep you informed throughout the relocation. At Allied, it is our priority to offer exceptional customer satisfaction, and by offering our customers these moving resources, we further ensure that our customers are informed and happy throughout the move.

Our variety of moving resources ensures a comprehensive set of educational tools for your move. We offer video tutorials that you can watch to give you a better idea of what to expect when moving. For example, our videos show different stages of the move, from the pre-move planning and packing to the unloading.

Allied's moving resources also include mortgage calculators, moving terminology and other valuable information, such as Your Rights and Responsibilities. We provide a wealth of information to our customers to ensure that they are knowledgeable and fully prepared for their upcoming move. Utilize our moving resources prior to and during your move and benefit from a more knowledgeable, organized relocation.

Comunity Info

Moving Resources: Community Information

Use our community information tools to learn about your new area and acclimate yourself to your new community. We have community information including statistics, averages, school district information and so much more. You're starting a new life in a new location. Don't you want to be prepared for your new journey?


How to Move: What Makes a Move Less Stressful?

Let’s face it – moving to a new home can create maximum stress in our lives. It’s sad, because the process of choosing a new place to live and heading to a new city, province or country should be an adventure.


Professionals Movers Give Moving Advice

The process of moving to a new home – whether it be in a different city, province or country – can be quite intricate. In other words, there’s a lot involved and you can’t be expected to remember it all, especially if this is your first move.


Moving Education: Moving Terminology

Use Allied's moving terminology to better understand the common terms and phrases used during the move process. Unlike our experts at Allied, you likely have not been in the moving business for 80 years.


Moving Education: Online Moving Videos

Watch our online moving videos to better understand what you might encounter come move day. Allied has more than 80 years of experience in the moving business, and we are providing you access to this exclusive knowledge via our online moving videos.

Sales Retouched

A Relocation Specialist Team's Do's & Don'ts

No matter what we’re doing, it’s beneficial to seek advice and learn from those who know more than us. The same is true when we’re getting ready to move.

Rights and Responsibiliteis

Moving Resources: Your Rights and Responsibilities

You have rights and responsibilities during every move, and we consider it our responsibility to ensure that you are acutely aware of exactly what they are.