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Moving Resources: Community Information

Use our community information tools to learn about your new area and acclimate yourself to your new community. We have community information including statistics, averages, school district information and so much more. You're starting a new life in a new location. Don't you want to be prepared for your new journey?

Moving Resources: Getting to Know Your Community

By entering your province and postal code, Allied's community information tools can provide you with an overview of your community. You also have the ability to compare two different communities side by side. School information is also available here, ensuring you know everything you need to know about the schools in your area.

You will find community characteristics, or those factors that impact a community. Community characteristics include residential turnover rates, nearest sports teams, close military bases and so much more. By looking at the community summary, you can see a breakdown of the population growth and density, household size, households with children and more.

Want more information about housing in your area? Find information about average residency years, vacant homes, residential turnover and similar housing to gain a more comprehensive information about your standing in relation to your new neighbors. Housing stability statistics and housing inventory provided by the community information tool.

You can also learn about population statistics in terms of age, employment and income with the community information tool. Weather statistics and climate information, including high and low temperatures and local weather risks, are also available via the community information tool. Crime statistics are also provided to ensure you know how safe the street is that you're moving onto. In addition, you can compare your community's statistics to the national average.