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Moving Tips: Moving Appliances

When moving appliances to your new destination, it's imperative that they are disconnected properly and prepared for transport. Your professional moving company should be able to provide you with services for moving appliances, but the following are some tasks you can complete to expedite the process and prepare these items for transport. Remember, it's critical to clean and dry your appliances prior to moving to avoid the buildup of mildew and mold.

Moving Appliances - Refrigerator

Dispose of all perishables. See our List of ItemsThat Cannot Be Shipped.

  • Unplug the power cord, remove all applicable parts, wash and dry removable parts thoroughly.
  • Allow the interior of the refrigerator and freezer to completely dry so all moisture evaporates.
  • Pack all loose parts such as bins, ice trays and shelves in an approved carton.
  • Vacuum the condenser or compressor.
  • Empty, clean and let the evaporator pan completely dry.
  • If you have an automatic icemaker or cold water dispenser, turn off the water and disconnect the line.
  • Empty the water reservoir.
  • Bolt down the compressor or motor, if applicable.
  • Once you arrive at the new location, have a professional connect your water line.
  • Copper tubing, a shut off valve and fittings may be required.

Moving Appliances - Dishwasher

Empty, clean and dry the dishwasher thoroughly. Disconnect and drain hoses, and leave the door open for a few days prior to the move. Place dry hoses wrapped in towels and packing paper in the dishwasher for transport.

Moving Appliances - Washing Machine

  • Disconnect and drain hoses; clean and thoroughly dry the machine.
  • Wrap metal connector ends of hoses in a towel and store inside washer.
  • Secure the tub following the manufacturer's guidelines to prevent swaying. If you prefer not to do it yourself, there are many third party service provides who can provide this service for you.
  • If you are transporting a front loading washing machine ensure that it is blocked using the original blocks or butts that came with the machine. Please consult manufacturers websites for full details.
  • Have the washer installed and connected by a qualified installer upon arrival to your new destination.

Moving Appliances - Clothes Dryer

Before cleaning, unplug or turn off the dryer from electrical power.

  • Clean the lint screen.
  • Prior to plugging in your electric dryer at your new residence, have your power supply checked for the correct electrical requirements. Tip: If you are moving a gas dryer, the appliance should be disconnected and the gas line capped off by a qualified technician. The driver and the crew members are not qualified to perform this service. Your professional estimator can make the arrangements for you.

Stove Top/Range/Oven

  • Turn off dryer and unplug from power.
  • Clean the lint screen.
  • At your new residence, check that your power supply has the correct electrical requirements before plugging in your electric dryer. If you have a gas dryer, have a professional technician disconnect the gas line.

Moving Appliances - Stove Top/Range/Oven

  • Clean the stove and oven thoroughly and let dry. Pack all removable parts safely into a box.
  • Have a qualified technician disconnect your gas range before move day and have the properly secure the gas line.
  • Once your gas stove/oven is delivered to your new residence, have a qualified installer check your gas supply, connect the gas line, seal any openings, light the pilot and perform any other hook-up requirements.

Moving Appliances - Microwave Oven

  • Remove wrap and securely pack any glass parts in a carton.
  • Pack the microwave in its original box or a secure carton.
  • If your microwave is large, ask your moving professional if it can be pad-wrapped for transit.
  • Do not to block the exhaust vent when installing it at your new residence.