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Corporate Relocation Tips From HR Directors

If you are moving to a different city or province for a new job or transferring to a new location with your current company, it’s possible your organization will foot the bill for your relocation. The process can be tricky to navigate, so our human resource directors have a few tips to assist you when discussing your relocation with the HR department at your company.

  • If you’re going to ask your employer to reimburse your relocation, get organized. Not all employers will offer to pay for relocation costs up front, so be prepared to ask. But remember, ultimately, your employer runs a business – so numbers matter. Gather several quotes from moving companies in your area and figure out what a move would cost. Be sure to factor in the cost of food and hotel stays as you travel to your new home. This tells your organization approximately what it would have to spend to help with your relocation.
  • Realize that employers are not required to give you a relocation package. Don’t go in guns blazing to a meeting with your HR department. In this economy, it’s not an automatic right for employers to pay for your relocation expenses. However, many companies will offer other incentives if they can’t help with your move. These incentives could include sign-on bonuses, salary advances, corporate housing, or help getting a short-term, no-interest loan.
  • Ask who your point of contact should be. The corporate relocation process can be long and involved – and stressful if you aren’t sure who to contact with questions you may have. Make sure to ask your HR representative for a point of contact, availability of that contact, and various forms of contact information. This will come in handy mid-move when you have a concern and are unsure how to address it.

Use these tips to get through your employee relocation with ease. Make sure you have a clear understanding with your employer, and things will be smooth sailing on moving day.

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