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Packing Guide

Use Allied's packing guide to simplify and streamline the tremendous task of packing up your belongings. Packing is one of the most important considerations when you move, and it's critical that you pack your home in the proper way so that your valuables are safe and secure during transit. We provide room-by-room packing guides to assist you with packing all the different rooms in your home. Pack up your home like professionals, even if you're doing the packing yourself.

Even if you are having professional pack part or all of your residence, learning the most efficient and safest way to pack each room is indispensable knowledge to have. Seeing as though you'll never know when you'll need to pack, you may want that knowledge if that time ever comes.

Packing Guide for Every Room

Allied breaks down our packing guide room by room to best explain how to pack all the different components in a room. Allied divides your home by kitchen, laundry room, dining room, living/family/great room, office/den, storage, bedroom, bathroom and garage/hobby. We break our packing guide down room by room to best explain how all the typical components of that room should be packed. So, whether you pack up your entire home or just a few rooms, you can utilize our packing guide.

Every room in your home has unique requirements for packing. The living room/family room needs stretch-wrapping for upholstered furniture, disconnect/connect and packing of electronics, etc. The kitchen requires you to use china barrel to pack china, dinnerware, glasses and similar items. The bedrooms may require packing of larger, lighter items such as pillows, bedding, comforters and clothing. Since every room in your home requires a different packing technique, use our packing guide to better understand how to pack each area of your home.

Packing Guide to Simplify Packing

Allied created our packing guide using the more than 80 years of experience we have as a professional moving company . Make sure your goods are safe throughout their transit by packing them correctly and safely. The most successful moves are those that begin with organization, and organization begins with packing.