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It's important that you are aware of any travel security notices or situations that arise overseas throughout the international moving process. Allied International works tirelessly to keep you up to date on an travel security notices to ensure a seamless overseas relocation.

International Moving - Updates to Security Notices

Following you will find links and updates for the most current information regarding travel security notices. These updates are crucial to anyone moving overseas. We advise that you read over these travel security notices specifically for your destination country, as well as all the countries you may be passing through to get to your destination. Our goal is to provide you with the extra peace of mind necessary to make your international move even more headache-free and relaxed.

International Moving Notices: Transportation

Air Freight:
Items that are packed by owner (PBO) are strictly prohibited in air shipments. Self-packed cartons/items are not acceptable. To ensure the utmost safety, Allied International's trained moving crews must pack your items, as mandated by government and airline security standards.

International Moving Notices: Travel

While travel throughout most of the world is considered safe, we recommend that you check with for current travel advisories and for current travel advisories and for local embassy information.

In addition to travel advisories, embassies and consulates will also have information on what you should do in an emergency situation. Allow for additional check-in time due to heightened security concerns. Speak with you travel agent or carrier for further information about air travel safety, security, related check-in requirements, baggage requirements and other issues.