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Preparing for an international move is one of the most critical components of a successful relocation. The right kind of preparation far enough in advance is one of the most important factors to a stress-free relocation, as moving overseas can be complex enough in its own right. Benefit from Allied International's expertise for your upcoming international move.

International Moving Preparation: Surveying Possessions

Your international move begins with a visit from your personal move coordinator. One of move coordinators will come to your home to perform a survey of everything to be moved in your residence. Your coordinator will also go over the many services we offer, as well point out items that should be left behind or that cannot be moved. Furthermore, we will identify items that may require extra special attention and care such as your antiques, a grandfather clock, your wine cellar, etc.

Your personal move coordinator will provide you with an estimate of the cost of your move once this survey is completed. The estimate will be based on the volume of your goods to be shipped and/or the volume and weight of goods to be airfreighted.

International Moving Preparation: What Can You do to Help?

Make sure that everything that needs to be moved are in plain sight or that you show your move coordinator all the belongings you are shipping. This includes your attic, closets, cupboards, drawers, garages and the like. Items that may not currently be in your home must also be explicitly described to your move coordinator, as well as any new purchases you plan on making prior to the move, such as furniture.

Should you opt to keep some items in storage, Allied International has many storage options to best suit your needs. Our storage-in-transit and permanent storage is a cost-effective solution based on your shipment size, if you're not moving into your new home oversea right away or similar reasons. Be sure to discuss the storage options with your personal move coordinator.

International Moving Preparation: Protecting Possessions

We have many valuation protection options to ensure your belongings are covered should any damage or loss occur during their transit. Though it is unlikely that your goods will be damaged or lost, valuation protection provides added peace of mind knowing that your goods will be repaired or replaced should anything happen. Speak with your move coordinator to choose the right kind of protection for your needs.

International Moving Preparation: Documentation

Due to heightened security requirements, proper documentation is imperative to the success of your move. Your personal move coordinator will ensure all the proper documentation is in place for both your origin and destination countries. It is important that you complete these documents in a timely manner so that the international move can progress forward as planned and you can avoid any delays as a result of late receipt.

International Moving Preparation: Travel

While travel throughout most of the world is considered safe, we recommend that you check with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada at for current travel advisories and for locations of Canadian offices abroad.

Because of heightened security measures, travelers should allow additional time for check-in. Check with your carrier or travel agent for additional information regarding air travel safety and security and related check-in requirements, baggage restrictions, etc.

International Move Preparation: Allied Makes it Easy

With Allied International, the preparation for an international move can be easy and quick. We help you to comprehensively prepare for your overseas relocation so that the transition to a new country can be a seamless, enjoyable experience. Allied International's move preparation provides you with the information you need to know to take the hassle out of international moving.