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One of the most difficult aspects of international moving is clearing customs. Clearing customs can be a daunting idea, a maze of unfamiliar documentation and processes. Choose Allied International as your international mover, and we will navigate the process of clearing customs for you for a hassle-free, successful experience.

International Moving - Clearing Customs

Due to heightened security concerns, international moving and clearing customs has become even more complicated. Rely on the expertise and experience of Allied International to successfully guide you through customs clearance. The process will begin at your destination with the local Allied International office.

International Moving - Beginning Customs Clearance

To start the customs clearance process, you personal move coordinator will assist you in completing the necessary documents. We will forward these documents to the authorized destination agent. At the destination, the local Allied International office will receive these documents and will verify all the provided information. These documents will then be forwarded to the customs broker. While this process is taking place, your destination agent will contact you to arrange the best time for the delivery of your goods to your destination.

Contact Allied International immediately upon arriving in your destination country. Should you not contact us right away, delays could occur with customs clearance. "Demurrage" or "port rent" is an additional expense incurred if we are unable to clear your shipment on time, for example. Also, airports levy similar penalties is shipments are delayed. To avoid the additional costs that can be accrued because of delays, be sure to contact us immediately when you arrive in your destination country.

International Moving - Restricted Items

Restricted items are unique to each country. To avoid any issues arising or delays in customs clearance, please review the customs documents included in the information packets we provide you at the start of your move. You will also find a list of items prohibited from entry into your destination country. Expedite customs clearance by leaving behind any restricted or prohibited items.

International Moving - Shipment Tracking

Allied International has innovative technologies to provide you peace of mind throughout the international move. One of these technologies is our online shipment tracking, permitting you to track your shipment while in transit on its international journey. GlobalCom is our online shipment tracking system, providing information including pickup dates, delivery dates, customs clearing and more. We have shipment tracking on all our flights and freights so you can always know where you're belongings are. Allied International provides the extra security and comfort with our shipment tracking capabilities for a stress-free move overseas.