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Allied prides itself on exceptional customer service throughout the international moving process. One of the most important stages of the move is the delivery and unpacking phase. As soon as your new destination is reached, our expert crews will systematically, and with care, unload your belongings from our truck. Then, if you wish, we can unpack your belongings and discard all the packing supplies. Allied International's highly-trained crews know the care required to ensure no damage occurs during the unloading and unpacking process.

Delivery and Unpacking - You Can Expect:

  • English-speaking crew leaders will assist throughout the delivery
  • Items will be carefully unloaded, crosschecked with your inventory list and placed in the proper rooms
  • Fragile items will be unpacked on flat surfaces
  • We will remove all packing materials and debris from your home

We do our best to safely and securely deliver and unload your belongings. In the unlikely event that any item in your shipment is damaged, Allied International will settle your claim quickly and conveniently through our in-house claims department. We have an online claim settlement process that allows you to submit your claim with the click of a button for a quick, professionally resolution for your claim.

Delivery report

Once we have unloaded all your belongings, we will ask you to sign and date a packing list. This will conclude the international moving process and will confirm that all items have been delivered. We will also have you sign a delivery report, also known as an "Out Turn Report." This report will explicitly state the condition of your shipment after it has been unpacked. Once you have dated and signed both documents, the Allied International crew will return them to your personal move coordinator to confirm that your belongings have been delivered and unpacked to your total satisfaction.

Allied provides exceptional quality service from the inception of your international move until the last carton is unpacked and discarded. Our crews undergo extensive training in the proper and safest techniques to unload and unpack your belongings, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety. Our first priority is to get your valuables to your new home overseas in the most secure manner possible. With Allied International, you can rest assured that your relocation will be handled by the experts.