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Victoriaville is a city located in central Quebec. Victoriaville is known for its high quality wooden products. Such products include furniture, caskets, and most famously, hockey sticks. Victoriaville is also known for its many bike trails. The Parc-Lineaire Des Bois-Frans bike trail attract many cyclist annually. There are also a number of bike trails located throughout the city that residents use on a daily basis. One of those bike trails is very significant considering it leads to the summit of Mont Arthabaska located at the southern limits of the city.

In Victoriaville, there is always something for you and your family to do. Throughout the year, there are a number of festivals that take place. These festivals attract both residents and tourists. Some of the annual festivals include the Ween-end En Blues series of concerts, the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, and the Exposition Agricole that takes place in the summer. There has also been new developments to the industrial park located in Victoriaville. A dairy factory as well as two shopping malls have been added to this area. Victoriaville continues to grow and prosper both socially and economically. This makes Victoriaville an excellent place for a growing family.

Victoriaville is filled with a variety of sporting activates. The activities offered in Victoriaville cover all four seasons which means that there will be something to keep you busy all year long. Victoriaville also prides itself their amazing recycling efforts. More than 65% of remaining materials are redirected from landfills. Because of such efforts, the first youth training and recycling center was established in Victoriaville.

So, do you have any unique moving needs? If you do, Allied Van Lines has the adequate resources in order to successfully relocate you and your family from one home to another. Allied Van Lines makes it easy locate a mover that can properly fulfill all of your moving needs. When you move with Allied, you benefit from the Allied advantage. All of our movers take proper steps in order to protect the client during each move that they conduct. With over 85 years of experience, Allied knows exactly what to do to make you next move your best move.

Moving to Victoriaville is a great option for you and your family. Your family will enjoy the many things that Victoriaville has to offer. Moving can be a difficult task and here at Allied we know that all too well. We want to make your move as easy as possible on you. Therefore, contact your local allied agent to schedule your move today. We have agents that are equipped to handle local, interstate, and international moves. Request your free moving quote today

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