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Sure, you may recognize Allied Van Lines as one of the oldest professional moving companies in the industry. But, did you know that Allied has a nationwide network of agents - movers who are ready to take on YOUR relocation, anywhere in the world? Our agents are spread throughout North America, from coast to coast, Canada to Florida's panhandle and everywhere in between.

In addition to our nationwide network of movers, Allied Van Lines has corporate and franchised offices and representatives overseas. With Allied and our agents, you are provided with a vast range of moving companies scattered throughout the world, even in the most remote areas, so that your unique domestic and international relocation needs are not only met, but exceeded.

When we say we have movers anywhere you need to go, WE MEAN IT. But, don't take our word for it. Here are some stats about Allied agents nationwide; moving companies spread throughout North America for every relocation.

  • 500+ Agent Locations Across North America
  • 2,600+ Employees Nationwide
  • 4,200+ Trained, Certified Drivers in North America
  • 3,500+ Long haul and regional vehicle fleets
  • 300,000+ Shipments Transported Annually
  • 85+ Years of Experience as Professional movers

What does a Nationwide and Global Network of Agents Mean for your Move?

How does a nationwide network of Allied agents benefit your move? You have qualified, professional movers at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

This means you get full-service moving companies that offer a full menu of moving and storage services such as:

  • Packing
  • Crating
  • Storage
  • Vehicle Shipping
  • Piano Moving
  • Appliance Services
  • Unpacking and Debris Removal
  • And, So Much More!

Aside from services to meet your every need, you benefit from knowing that when you choose one of Allied's agents as your movers, you are backed by one of the oldest, most-respected and trusted van lines in the world. This reassurance means more than anything when you move, especially when you are putting your worldly possessions into strangers' hands. Choose Allied's network, and benefit from peace of mind during your relocation.

So, What Makes Allied Agents Better Than Other Moving Companies?

Beyond Allied agents' nationwide and global presence, there is one MAJOR reason why Allied agents outshine other moving companies: Allied agents meet STRINGENT, RIGOROUS standards as professional movers, ensuring a successful, hassle-free relocation.

The Quality Standards Met by Allied Agents - Moving Companies You Can Trust

Allied agents must meet and adhere to certain quality assurance and stringent standards in order to be a part of the Allied Van Lines brand. What exactly does this mean to you? You benefit from the assurance in knowing you are working with valid, professional and reputable movers.

Nowadays, this peace of mind is critical. Rogue movers and swindlers are around every corner, ready to take your money and possessions at their first opportunity. Aside from being professional moving companies, Allied agents also comply with the highest quality standards in the industry, ensuring not only a successful move, but a secure and efficient relocation as well.

What are The Qualifications Allied Agents Must Meet?

When we say our agents meet rigorous standards, this means that in addition to complying with the industry standards, Allied movers must adhere to Allied quality standards. These standards set the bar for excellence. This means, not all moving companies are the same. Only Allied Van Lines agents meet and practice the following more stringent quality standards.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured Movers

  • Licensed: Allied agents are licensed for local and interstate moves, verifying them as professional moving companies. Moving companies must be licensed in either/both the city and state to operate a professional business. There are state and federal level licenses in the U.S. obtained from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or the FMCSA. *Ask your movers for their motor carrier license number and DOT authorization number*
  • Bonded: Allied agents are bonded in their city and/or state, verifying them as reputable movers. Movers should be bonded to protect YOU during your move. Choosing bonded movers means that you are protected from theft on the part of rogue movers or discreditable thieves. This bond posted as required by law protects you in the case of employee theft, vandalism, etc.
  • Insured: Allied agents are not only insured, but meet MORE STRINGENT INSURANCE STANDARDS. Moving companies should be insured so that should something happen, you don't lose everything. More specifically, any damage/loss caused by negligence by the company during the moves insured so that you are compensated for these losses/damages to your belongings.

    Specifically, Allied agents have more rigorous insurance requirements. So, unlike typical moving companies, Allied agents go above and beyond the standard insurance requirements put forth by the Department of Transportation.

    We don't expect anything to happen during your move. However, in the unlikelihood that something does occur, Allied's stringent insurance requirements provide you with added peace of mind during your move.

    *Lastly, companies that are licensed and bonded are subject to state oversight for regulatory and safety compliance, which permits you to sue or file a claim if need be.*

The Allied Advantage is YOUR Advantage

What is the Allied Advantage? Allied Van Lines is a leader in the marketplace, meaning our agents have certain advantages over other moving companies.

The advantages our movers have over our competitors include:

  • Technology
    • Allied's Inside Performance Management (IPM) is an online agent performance tracking tool that monitors agent performance and recognizes areas for improvement.
    • Allied's Systems Support provides our agents with 24/7 access to tech support, keeping them up and running to ensure no downtime during your move.
  • Quality Assurance:

    Allied's Quality Assurance efforts include:
    • Customer Surveys - Allied's customer surveys help our agents monitor what they are doing right and what they can improve on, fostering an environment of continuous improvement.
    • Quality Audits - The Quality Alliance team developed and implemented a set of stringent quality standards for agents.
    • Claims Tracking - Agents track and assess all claims, making the process of filing a claim easy-to-understand and hassle-free. Also, we evaluate our claims to ensure we address the issue and improve our service to avoid the claim happening again.
    • Trained Drivers - Allied drivers undergo extensive training before they ever hit the road with your goods. Stringent training and schooling is provided at Allied University for safe, proper driving techniques.
    • Allied drivers go through a very selective driver qualification and annual certification process.
    • Equipment Standards - Our agents have fleets of clean, safe and up to standards vehicles, and we regularly inspect our equipment to insure optimum performance.
  • Marketing:

    One of the best perks to moving with an Allied agent? Receiving the peace of mind in knowing the Allied brand is behind your move. This means 85 years of experience and one of the most trusted, recognizable moving companies managing your relocation.

Do You Know Just Who Is Moving Your Valuables? Allied Does.

When you choose movers, you are entrusting your valuables to practical strangers. However, when you choose an Allied agent as your movers, we know EXACTLY who is handling your move. First, Allied performs background checks on all of our agents before they become part of the Allied family. This is a preemptive measure taken to ensure only the most reputable, professional moving companies are part of the Allied brand.

Also, Allied's agents are required to do extensive background checks on all their employees who may enter your home.

This means packers, drivers, movers, coordinators and other staff undergo rigorous background checks to ensure only qualified, professional and upstanding people ever enter your home or handle your goods.

Allied regulates its agents and the background checks performed, providing you just another added form of peace of mind during the relocation.

Allied's Accreditations and Affiliations: What Separates Us from Other Movers

Allied is accredited and affiliated with many businesses that support our standard of excellence and provide additional incentive to choose our movers over any others. Most Allied agents participate in these programs as well, ensuring that you are relocating with the best moving companies in the business. Below are some of the organizations with which Allied and its agents are proud to be associated:

Better Business Bureau - BBB

Allied Van Lines is a BBB Accredited Business. As a BBB Accredited Business, Allied Van Lines must meet BBB accreditation standards and sign a license agreement with BBB.

What is BBB? The BBB is an organization that assists consumers in finding reputable, upstanding companies in the marketplace. Consumers can find out about moving companies' products and services; licensing, bonding and insurance; files or claims reported and specific information about the company. BBB creates a marketplace of trust where the consumer can report or file complaints about a company, allowing reputable companies to stand out amongst other movers in the industry.

BBB provides critical information to the consumer about the company, its practices and record of accomplishment, and then provides the company with a Reliability Report Ranking. Allied Van Lines has an A+ Reliability Report Rating, the highest rating possible.

Many Allied agents are also BBB Accredited Businesses with very high Reliability Report Ratings. To learn more about BBB, visit their website.

American Moving and Storage Association - AMSA

Allied Van Lines is an AMSA certified van line. What does this mean to you? An AMSA certified van line has earned this distinction through having all its agents AMSA certified moving companies as well. Also, this means that Allied is responsible for the acts of all its agents. Simply put, Allied Van Lines and all of our agents are AMSA certified.

AMSA certification is held by interstate movers who adhere to the specific AMSA Code of Conduct and who promise to transport goods in the most "professional, efficient manner possible." AMSA certification provides you with additional assurance in knowing you are working with reputable, responsible movers.


Allied and our agents are certified by ProMover. Promover is a program created by the AMSA that promotes ethical standards in the moving and storage industry. ProMover works with state and federal governments to reduce unethical moving and storage practices. The ProMover accreditation lets you know you are working with REPUTABLE movers, not rogue or disreputable moving companies.

Allied and our agents have easily recognizable ProMover logos on our websites, showing our visitors that we are accredited by this program, and we meet the highest levels of professionalism and best practices as moving companies. Each agent with the ProMover logo must comply with FMCSA and Surface Transport Board (STB) regulations, as well as adhere to the AMSA Code of Ethics.

In today's economy, it is important that you watch where your money is going. Make sure you don't lose your money or possessions to rogue movers. By working with Allied agents and our network of moving companies, you KNOW that you will have a happy, successful move at an affordable price.

Allied Van Lines - Your Movers of Choice

At Allied Van Lines, we are committed to providing stress-free relocations at fair prices. We realize how you need a secure move, but you also need an affordable price. Contact us today to arrange your FREE IN-HOME MOVING ESTIMATE, and get your move started off on the right foot. We look forward to handling all your moving needs.