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Leduc is a province located in Alberta, Canada and is a part of the Edmonton Capital Region. Leduc was recognized as a province in 1899. A settler by the name of Robert Telford bought a piece of land close to a lake and this land that later became known as Leduc. Robert Telford had served as an officer for the area and later became the first postmaster of Leduc. He also fulfilled many other roles in the community also becoming the first merchantman and the first justice of the peace. The area became more widely settled when the Calgary & Edmonton railroad was created. This made the more assessable to others.

There has been speculation about how Leduc received its name. The local legend contends that in 1890 when a local settler established a telegraph office and a name for the new settlement was needed. Therefore, he decided that the settlement would be named after the first person that walked through the door. The person to fulfill this task was Father Hippolyte Leduc. Another version of the story contents that the area would be renamed when the railroad terminal was established and the settlement would be named after the missionary priest. The ladder has considered the more official story of how Leduc received its name. Leduc was incorporated as a village in 1899 and officially became a city in the year of 1983. At this time, the population had skyrocketed to an astounding 12,000 people.

Are you and your family planning on moving to Leduc any time soon? If so, then there are a ton of things you need to consider prior to your move. First, you may want to ask yourself what type of move you are going to conduct. Are you moving internationally, locally, or from providence to providence? Asking yourself this question will help you know what you need to successfully conduct your next move.  Will you need a professional mover or are you conducting a DIY move? This is a question that you need to thoroughly consider. Knowing the answer to these simple questions could make or break your next move.

Here at Allied, our goal is to make your move from point A to point B as smooth as possible. With over 500 trained agents, we know what it takes to make your move a success. All of our agents are trained extensively and know how to properly move your items. This will ensure that all of your precious belongings are handled with care in order to reduce the damage to your items greatly. We also contain the adequate materials to make your move safe for everyone involved.

So do not wait any longer. Contact your local Allied agent today and request a free moving quote. They are eagerly waiting by the phone to assist you. Let Allied prove to you why we are the movers of choice. Let us help you make your next move your best move. You will not regret your decision.

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