Corporate Relocation: Flexible Pricing Programs

Or call one of our customer service representatives at 1‑833-591-0364.

Or call one of our customer service representatives at 1‑833-591-0364.

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At Allied, we realize how important it is for your corporate relocation program to be cost-effective. In fact, cost is the one area a savvy company will look at first. However, all companies are different, and as such, so are their budgets. Allied will work with you, your policy and budget to devise a corporate relocation program that fits your exact needs and budget. We offer the most flexible pricing programs in the industry, allowing you to receive superior quality service at very competitive pricing.

Corporate Relocation Company

We don't have a one price model to follow at Allied Van Lines. For your corporate relocation, you can choose from traditional tariff rates, the latest performance-based pricing or single factor rates. Our pricing options can be structured to fit your unique needs. No matter what your requirements, we will devise a corporate relocation to fit your budget.

Corporate Relocation - Single Factor Rate Pricing

Based on your company's household good traffic patterns or all Allied customers' shipments, an average is composed which equates to our single-factor rate pricing. Our corporate customers receive considerable cost savings due to the blended discount off tariff rates and value-added services.

Average rates are developed for packing, labour, containers and transportation charges, based on the cubic size and/or weight of the shipment and the number of miles the shipment will be transported. A consistent discount is created once these rates are blended together and are not influenced to seasonal or regional pricing changes.

Some of the value-added corporate relocation services include shorter loading and delivery schedules, valuation, priority scheduling and exceptional customer service.

Corporate Relocation Company of Choice - Allied

Our flexible pricing options are unmatched by other corporate relocation companies, benefiting your business's bottom line. With Allied, it is possible to receive the industry's best corporate relocation services at cost-effective rates that work with your budget. From our turnkey services to our flexible pricing, your relocation is customized to your needs and budget. Our customized corporate relocations further our commitment to the Allied Advantage, providing your business with the best of both worlds - outstanding quality relocations at economical prices.