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Choosing the perfect relocation company to complete you move to Surrey is the first step to conducting a successful move. Allied Van Lines is the ideal company to help you navigate your way through this process. With more than 500 professionally trained agents, you can be confident that you will be coupled with an agent who will exceed the expectations you have for your move. Allied Van Lines provides excellent customer service with each move they conduct. Allied wants to offer you an exceptional moving experience from beginning to end.

Moving can be a very stressful task. However, with the assistance of Allied Van Lines, your stress level can be reduced greatly. Moving will involve a ton of preparation. When you select a local Allied agent, they will help you arrange every aspect of your move. Our highly qualified movers will provide you with a unique relocation package. We understand that each move is different and needs to be treated as such. Therefore, you can be certain that all of your moving needs will be addressed. Allied Van Lines is a company that you can rely on to safely transport all of your belongings to your new home. Before you collect your possessions and ship them off to Surrey, it would be wise to learn more about the area.

Surrey is recognized as the 2nd largest city in British Columbia. Surrey has a population of more than 468,000 and continues to grow. With its continued growth, Surrey is expected to exceed the population of Vancouver by the year 2020. Surrey is known for having a very young and diverse population. Also, the area has been nicknamed the City of Parks due to the vast amount of parks and greenery within the area.

There are numerous attractions in the area that draw in residents and tourists on a regular basis. The WinterFest is held in Surrey at the Central City Plaza every February and attracts about 15,000 people on an annual basis. The event includes activities such as live music, food, and sporting events. Surrey also hosts the biggest Canada Day held in the entire western region on Canada. Another interesting event that takes place is the Surrey Festival of Dance. This is a major dance competition that contains more than 10,000 participants. You can be confident that there will always be something interesting to do in Surrey.

Moving to a new city is a major life changing event. You will need to prepare and organize properly in order to conduct a successful move. Allied Van Lines knows what it takes to move your entire life to your new home in an orderly manner. We understand that moving is a difficult task and want to help you simplify this process. By selecting one of our agents to complete your move, you will benefit from all of the moving services they have to offer. If you allow Allied the opportunity to complete your relocation to Surrey, then you will not be disappointed.

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  • Good experience and everything was fully communicated to us. We were fully in the loop. We were happy with everything.
  • Overall the mover was very good with communication. They done very well. The local team both origin and destination was very good and careful.

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