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The Best Furniture Movers Always Do These Things

One of the most difficult parts of the moving process is packing, loading and transporting your furniture. Not only do you likely have a lot of furniture – everything from beds to couches, bookcases, china cabinets and more – but it’s often heavy to lift. That’s where skilled furniture movers can help. They know exactly what to do to make transporting your furniture to a new home simple and convenient.

But how do you know which moving company to hire? Be on the lookout for furniture movers who do the following things:

  • Tell you in advance how to prepare your furniture for the move. In some cases, furniture movers will come right in and load your belongings onto their truck. In others, you’ll need to prep your furniture beforehand – although some moving companies will do it for you. Some things you will probably need to do include dusting furniture and making sure each piece is empty of clothing, books, files, etc.

  • Disassemble your furniture. Experienced furniture movers will know to remove legs and cushions from sofas, leaves from dining room tables and headboards and footboards from beds before loading your belongings onto the truck. They will also place any hardware into plastic bags – and make sure the bags are labeled.

  • Protect your items from damage. This is the main goal of any reputable moving company, and professional furniture movers go the extra mile to ensure it happens. For example, they’ll wrap mattresses and chairs in specialty bags, use furniture blankets to cover your belongings in the moving van, cover glass shelves with heavy paper before packing them away and wrap any disassembled furniture parts in bubble wrap.

According to Estelle Page, an interior designer and blogger for Home Central, “moving house is right up there as one of the most stressful things you will have to go through in your life, behind only death and divorce.” So why make it any harder on yourself than it has to be? Hire Allied Van Lines’ professional furniture movers and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with letting someone else handle the details of your move.