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Consider Full-Service Movers If You Are Moving Out-of-State: Here's Why…

While moving to a new home can be an exciting adventure, it is not without its difficulties. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the idea of planning and executing a move all on your own, consider hiring full-service movers. Full-service movers can assist you not only with the transporting of your belongings, but the packing, loading and unloading as well. If you’re still on the fence, here are five benefits of hiring full-service movers.

  • Lowered stress. In many cases, moving to a new home breeds worry – worry over your moving timeline, over the safety of your belongings, over having to drive a large truck, etc. Why not dispense with all of that worry and hire full-service movers to shoulder the burden for you?

  • Saved time and energy. Packing is such a large part of any move. Packing also takes a lot of time and energy. Not only do you have to purchase packing supplies – and often return to the store for more – but you have to spend many nights and weekends doing the work. When you hire full-service movers like Allied Van Lines to assist you with packing, you free up countless hours and loads of energy to do something you really love.

  • Speed. Because moving companies hire professionals to help you in the moving process, you can count on your move going much more quickly than if you did it yourself. It will also go more smoothly, which also speeds along the process.

  • Bundled costs. You may hesitate to hire full-service movers because of the cost. While it’s true that paying for packing in addition to other services may cost more than only paying for loading, unloading and transporting, it doesn’t necessarily cost more than doing it all yourself. That’s because costs are often bundled together when you hire movers for more than one service.

  • Convenience. Your life is busy enough. You don’t need to add the burdens of moving to your lengthy to-do list. Do yourself a favor and hire a moving company like Allied to do all the heavy lifting and planning for you!

Contact Allied for your moving estimate today. We’ve been training quality full-service movers for more than 85 years and are committed to making your moving experience the best that it can be.