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Using Cheap Movers Could Cost You More Than You Expect

Everyone loves a bargain. It’s doesn’t matter whether we’re shopping for clothing or cars – or anything in between – the fact is, we love to save money. The same is true when we’re searching for moving companies. It’s tempting to hire a company based on price alone. But if something seems too good to be true, it often is. That goes for cheap movers as well.

The truth is, if a moving company is giving you an estimate that’s drastically below other quotes you receive, you have cause to be wary. One reason is oftentimes (though not always), cheap movers are fraudulent movers. They have two main ways they defraud customers. First, they may demand a large deposit or payment up front, and then they won’t show up on moving day. Second, they may give you a low estimate but once they have your belongings loaded on moving day, they tell you the estimate has risen – and won’t give you your stuff back until you pay the new outrageous amount.

So how do you avoid these fraudulent cheap movers? When selecting a moving company, protect yourself in the following ways:

  • Research, research, research. Hire a well-known company with lots of experience. Don’t trust the moving company’s website alone for testimonials. Read customer reviews online.

  • Get an in-person estimate. Reputable moving companies will always offer this option, and you should take it. It’s the only way for movers to give you an accurate quote that takes into account all factors that will affect your move (e.g., how many rooms, stairs or no stairs, how much stuff you have, etc.) and how much it will cost.

  • Get a written estimate. While you may trust some people to honor their verbal agreements, always demand that a moving company gives you a written estimate. This estimate may not be for the exact amount you will end up paying, but make sure it stipulates why changes might occur. For example, if the company charges you based on weight, the exact weight will not be known until moving day, when everything is loaded onto the truck.

  • Do not put down a massive deposit or full payment up front. A small deposit is normal, as it protects the moving company from lost time if you should cancel, but be cautious about giving them too much before they have done any work. Ask around – get information from a variety of movers and see what’s considered normal in your area.

Knowing all of this should not make you afraid to hire a moving company to assist in your move. It’s just a reminder to be on your guard when cheap movers come knocking. Always do your research and take strides to protect yourself from those who might try to take advantage of you.