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Good Car Movers Should Always Do These Important Things

When it comes time to move to a different province or country, one question you will face is whether to drive to your new home, or pay to have your vehicle shipped. According to Texas A&M University’s Moving 101 online publication, “for most families, a car is the second largest asset. Getting that asset safely to a new home is an important component of a smooth move.” In order to have a smooth move, it’s essential to select a moving company with professional car movers who do the following things:

  • Offer you several options for moving your vehicle. This allows you to adjust your selection according to your individual needs, preferences and budget. Options include everything from enclosed to open, multicar tractor trailer trucks or multi-level car carriers. Consider the pros and cons of each choice before reaching a decision.

  • Become licensed and registered. Different countries have a variety of registration and licensing policies for car movers, so check what your country requires – and then make sure the car movers of your choice have the proper paperwork to uphold that requirement.

  • Inform you of their policies up front. Experienced car movers know exactly what you need to do to prep your vehicle for shipment. For example, most will require you to remove any belongings from inside the vehicle. Also, reputable car shipping companies will hold firm inspection policies. They should give you an original inspection report that shows the condition and mileage of your vehicle before shipment. This report is then used at the time of delivery to ensure no damage has come to the vehicle.

  • Protect your vehicle from damage. Even if you don’t choose enclosed shipping for your vehicle (which is the most protective), a good moving company will ensure your car is kept separate from other vehicles, and thus secure from bumps and scratches. Of course, car movers cannot prevent all accidents, but reputable companies will own any damage and cover it with their valuation policies. 

If you’re looking to ship your vehicle across the country, contact Allied Van Lines today and work with our preferred vendors. With more than 85 years’ worth of moves under our belt, we are committed to helping our customers find peace of mind through a superior moving experience.