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Moving Company for Superior Relocations - Meet Allied

Meet the moving company trusted most for safe, secure relocations across Canada, the United States and world - Allied. Allied is one of the most recognized van lines in North America and across the globe for our outstanding relocation services at fair prices. When you choose Allied as your moving company, you receive personalized attention throughout the move, whether you are moving to a neighboring province or across an ocean. Choose Allied, a moving company you can depend on.

Moving Company Redefining Relocation: Allied and SIRVA

SIRVA, the parent company of Allied, is globally renowned as an industry-leading moving company moving more than 1,000 families every day. SIRVA has limitless relocation capabilities in providing full-service relocations for families, employees and executives all over the world. SIRVA is consistently changing the way their customers think about moving. SIRVA and Allied have global resources that make us an unstoppable moving company for any relocation need.

As a partner with SIRVA, what can Allied Van Lines accomplish as your moving company?

  • Nationwide and Global Relocations
  • Personalized, Dedicated Service
  • Full Menu of Moving Services
  • Customized Relocation Solutions
  • Residential and Commercial Relocations
  • And, Much More!

Who is SIRVA and What Does that Mean to Me?

SIRVA is a global relocation company that specializes in custom relocations for a wide range of clients spanning the nation and world. SIRVA moves nearly 365,000 people a year in more than 175 countries across the world. SIRVA specializes in the following types of moves:

  • Consumer Moving
  • Corporate Relocation
  • Government/Military Moves

Household Moving - SIRVA's Capabilities

SIRVA offers a full menu of household moving services to accommodate any size and scope request. Whatever your needs many be, SIRVA and Allied can provide you with a customized solution. We bring the following to each household move:

  • More than 1,200 choices for a moving company throughout the world
  • Local, inter-provincial and international relocations
  • Diverse range of moving services that include:
    • Free in-home estimate
    • Full-service packing
    • Custom crating
    • Vehicle shipping
    • Piano moving
    • Appliance disconnect/reconnect
    • Disassembly/assembly of swing sets, pool tables, etc.
    • Short- and long-term storage
    • Various valuation coverage options (insurance)
    • On-time pickup and deliveries
    • Unpacking and debris removal
  • Competitive pricing

In addition to the above services, we also have many other capabilities for your move. We will devise a move plan that suits your specific requests, budget and timeframe as your moving company of choice.

Moving Company for Exceptional Corporate Relocations - SIRVA

When it comes to corporate relocation, no one is above SIRVA. SIRVA and Allied offer the best employee relocation services in the industry, providing your employees and their families with a seamless relocation experience. We can provide a full-service inter-province relocation for an executive or move your staff of 3,000 around the world with the following corporate relocation services:

  • Move Management
  • Local, Long Distance and International Moves
  • Moving Services
  • Packing
  • Crating
  • Storage
  • Third Party Services
  • And Much More

SIRVA and Allied are the trusted corporate relocation company for every type of relocation. In fact, SIRVA is the moving company trusted by more than 50% of Fortune Global 500 companies.

Government and Military Moving Experts: SIRVA

SIRVA is the trusted moving company to handle the sensitive needs of government employees and military personnel. SIRVA and its brand Allied Van Lines meet the most stringent and rigorous standards for security, cleanliness and training in order to be military certified and government approved for these moves. Some of the reasons SIRVA is the ultimate moving company for government and military personnel include:

  • Seamless Relocations
  • Cost Containment
  • Trusted by Government, Military and Civilian Customers
  • Innovative Global and End-to-End Relocation Services
  • More than 38,000 Government/Military Moves Handled Every Year
  • Professional, Timely and Worry-Free Moves
  • Meet Unique Needs of Relocating Families
  • Undergo Random, Regular Inspections of:
    • Equipment Cleanliness and Security
    • Warehouse Cleanliness and Security
    • Staff Training
  • More than 30 Years of Experience with Military Moves

SIRVA and its partner Allied Van Lines are committed to expert government and military relocations, anywhere in the world. From inception to completion, we provide a full-service, seamless relocation for personnel and their families.

What Does the Partnership Between SIRVA and Allied Van Lines Mean to Me?

Allied's position as a brand of SIRVA means you benefit endlessly during the entire relocation process. SIRVA is the most renowned relocation company in the world, and their partnership with Allied Van Lines means that YOUR move profits from SIRVA's experience, resources and global presence. Bottom Line: Your move receives the personalized attention you want with the unparalleled global network you need for a SEAMLESS, STRESS-FREE RELOCATION - from any point, to any point on the globe.

Together, SIRVA and Allied make a massive global footprint with our relocation services - more so than any other moving company in the world. Your relocation benefits from system-wide performance standards, offering a consistent standard of exceptional quality for every move.

  • We offer unmatched accountability, quality and value to more than 1,000 customers a day
  • We offer online shipment tracking and global service centers for information about your move 24/7
  • Best-in-class technologies, processes and industry expertise
  • Cost containment through high volume of shipments via air and ocean carriers

When you choose Allied Van Lines as your moving company , you are engaging SIRVA and its worldwide network of representatives for your relocation. This only means one thing: You benefit from endless resources and 24/7 service for any type of relocation need. You not only hire one moving company , but an entire network of global relocation specialists. There is no moving company with a greater worldwide reach than SIRVA and its brand Allied Van Lines. With every relocation, we are redefining the way people move.

When it comes to something as important as your relocation, make sure you choose the best moving company with the resources to handle it: Allied Van Lines.

Continue reading to learn about Allied's nationwide and global relocation abilities below!

Allied Van Lines is the Moving Company for Every Relocation - Anywhere You Need to Go!

When we say that Allied can relocate you, your family, your business or your employees anywhere you need to go, We Mean It. Allied Van Lines has a nationwide and global presence to meet any customer's moving need. This provides us with an unsurpassed ability to transport goods all over North America and the world. Truly - whether you are moving across the street or across the globe, we are the moving company to get you there.

Moving Company with Nationwide Network of Resources

Allied has a nationwide presence that is simply unmatched by any other moving company. No one is better able to move your valuables throughout Canada and the United States. We have the equipment, fleet, technology, warehouses and representatives throughout North America to serve your every relocation need.

Don’t take us at our word. The numbers don’t lie!

  • 500 Agent Locations across North America- Spanning Coast to Coast, Canada to Miami, FL
  • 2,600 Employees Nationwide
  • 4,200+ Qualified Drivers across North America
  • 365,000+ Shipments Handled Annually
  • In 1 year, Allied Trucks have enough mileage to circle the globe 13 times!

More than 1,000 families moved every year can’t be wrong. Allied is the trusted moving company due to our secure, quality service, whether you are moving from Ontario to Orlando or Calgary to California.

Moving Company with a Global Reach

Our relocation capabilities go far beyond North America. Allied is a moving company who can handle your relocation anywhere in the world, from nearly any origin to any destination. We can move you, your family or your employees from one end of the globe to the other.

What makes us a worldwide moving company?

  • Operations in More than 40 Countries - Corporate Owned and Franchised Offices
  • Network of Agents and Other Service Representatives in 175 Countries
  • Over 80 Years of Experience in Global Relocations
  • 300,000 Families Moved Around the World Every Year

These numbers back up our global presence and our ability to relocate anyone, anywhere in the world. There is no moving company better equipped to handle your overseas move than Allied International.

I Have a Local Move - Do I Really Need a Global Moving Company?

The short answer: Yes. Allied is a moving company that prides itself on a global reach with a local touch. This means that even your local move benefits from a global network. We can handle your local move, no matter where your origin or destination is. You benefit from global technology, such as shipment tracking; specialized fleets; storage facilities; and representatives all over the nation, just there to make your move seamless and stress-free.

Although you are backed by a global mover, your local move still receives the same personalized attention you'd expect from a local moving company. This means your personal move coordinator is there with you every step of the move, ensuring you do not have to talk to 10 different people to get the answer you need.

Can Relocation Services from a Global Moving Company still be AFFORDABLE?

YES! An affordable move is what we pride ourselves on! Allied realizes the importance of an affordable, yet secure move, especially during these tough economic times. You can rest assured that your move will be cost-effective AND comprehensive when you choose Allied Van Lines as your moving company. It is our commitment to provide you with a relocation that:

  • Meets all your unique needs
  • Adheres to your timeframe
  • Fits within your budget

We realize that money is a major stress factor associated with moving. In today's less than ideal economic climate, it is imperative to save money where you can, and get the most value out of your dollar. Allied Van Lines will help you save money for your local, long distance or international relocation. It's true: You CAN have a money-saving move that accommodates ALL your needs. Choose Allied Van Lines as your moving company.

Allied in Review: The Benefits to Choosing Allied Van Lines as Your Moving Company

  1. Allied is Part of the Most Renowned Moving Company in the World: SIRVA
  2. Allied has a Nationwide Network of Resources for Your Move - Anywhere in North America!
  3. Allied has a Global Presence to Best Serve Your International Relocation

Allied Van Lines - Your Moving Company of Choice

As one of SIRVA's most trusted brands, and one of the most recognized and respected moving companies in the world, Allied Van Lines provides a wide range of customers with cost-effective, hassle-free relocations - anywhere in the world. Contact us today to arrange your FREE IN-HOME MOVING ESTIMATE, and get your domestic or international relocation started off on the right foot. We look forward to handling all your moving needs as your moving company of choice.